The Model T3 is a liquid fuel cell that operates as a battery charger for a wide variety of stationary applications. The Model T3 allows existing batteries to extend their length of service during power outages at a lower cost than with other options. Refueling infrastructure takes little space. It is inexpensive and safe to use because the fuel is methanol, a common industrial liquid, which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 60 percent.

With improved productivity, increased performance, reduced operating costs, and a clean and safe fueling solution, the Model T3 typically offers timely return on investment while providing full grid independence.

Depending on customer power requirements, the Model T3  can be configured with one or two 2000 Watt net power modules, and multiple units can be installed for applications with even higher power requirements.

Power Output 2.0kW
Voltage Range 48v(46V-57V)
Charging Current 50A@48V DC
Weight 95 Kg
Operating Noise <85db
Operating Temperature* -20oC to +47oC
Fuel Consumption 0.85L/kWh
Idle to Peak Power 1 to 10 minutes
  • Class III Material Handling Equipment
  • Auxiliary power for Truck
  • Luxury Campers & Caravans
  • Marines
  • Off-grid power for Homes & Farms